Big Compactor shipment to Asia

Published 12.05.2017

6 Compactors left our factory, and was shipped the 3rd of May. This is the biggest shipment we have done so far. The previous record was 5 compactors in one shipment. These MP2000 Compactors is now on their way to China, to bale dairy cattle forage.

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The shipping company comes to our factory, and the Compactors are loaded into the container at our factory. When loaded into the container, a truck takes the 40ft container to the docks, and they are loaded up on the boat. One 40ft container fits one Compactor. These 6 Compactors will arrive China in mid june.

Orkel Compactor Shipment 9902Orkel Compactor Shipment 9903Orkel Compactor Shipment06052Orkel Compactor Shipment06058Orkel Compactor Shipment06065