Bale business in Denmark

Published 04.03.2015

Baling in Denmark since 2007, now selling bales to the Faroe Islands!

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Mads Pilgaard in Central Jydsk Agricultural entrepreneur business has run Orkel MP 2000 since
 As a supplement to the bunker silo,Orkel bales are perfect, especially for the purchase and sale of feed.

Mads Pilgaard runs rent pressingas well as making bales of his own crop of maize silage to sell further.The price of all feed sold is based on quality content, the customer pays forthe content he gets. As Mads says, both I as a contractor and the client is best served with the highest possible quality.

The balesmaintain stable and good quality, and they are easy to handle when transported. This year bales of corn will be sold even to the Faroe Islands!