Produce more with baled silage


High density baling = higher profitability!

There has been a lot of research on how to get the most out of the animal forage. In 2012/2013, CRV did a milk and quality analysis where they used a total of 20 cows of the same breed, 10 fed with baled silage baled with an Orkel Compactor and 10 fed with silage from a bunker silo. All of the cows in the test had calved the same period (June-July) and they where of the same breed. The test went on for six months, August 2012 – January 2013.


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The results were surprising! In the analysis, CRV noticed that the cows fed with silage baled with the Orkel machine, produced 25,5% more milk with the same amount of forage. The fat percentage was higher, the milk contained 26% more protein and 30,2% more lactose. One of the most important factors was that the cell count in the milk from the cows fed with bales, was 84% lower than with the cows fed from the bunker silo.


In short terms: The cows fed with silage bales from the Orkel Compactor produced more milk with the same amount of forage. Their milk contained more fat, more protein, more lactose and less cells. The conclusion was this: High density baling = higher profitability!


When you look at the fact that the loss with a bunker silo is 20-30%, compared to 1-3% with bales, there shouldn’t be a doubt! Do you want to read more details about the analysis? Download the analysis results.


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